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University at Albany, State University of New York
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  Student Employment News

*New Student Assistant Employment Policy highlights:

  • max 25 hrs/wk during semester and summer breaks
  • student must be enrolled at least half time

Student ID is required when hiring a student.  ALWAYS VERIFY THAT YOU ARE HIRING THE CORRECT STUDENT.

All Student Assistants require a completed timesheet, with supervisor signature for the hours worked during the pay period.  The on-line hire must be executed with all requested information by the deadline below to receive timely payment. 

If a hire is late, the student payment will be late even if a timesheet is submitted on-time.

Student Hiring Deadlines:

Work Dates    Hire by (COB)  Check Date

04/06-04/19     04/16/17         05/11/17

04/20-05/03     04/30/17         05/25/17

05/04-05/17     05/14/17        06/08/17

05/18-05/31     05/28/17       06/22/17

06/01-06/14     06/11/17       07/06/17

06/15-06/28     06/25/17        07/20/17

06/29-07/12     07/09/17        08/03/17



Effective 1/28/16 the max SA rate is $19.39

Student paychecks/stubs must be picked up in UAB 300.




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Spring Only Hire Dates

01/23/17 - 05/20/17bob


Summer Only Hire Dates

05/21/17 - 08/27/17cob


Academic Year Hire Dates

08/28/17 - 05/20/18