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University at Albany, State University of New York
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  Student Employment News

*New Student Assistant Employment Policy highlights:

  • max 25 hrs/wk during semester and summer breaks
  • student must be enrolled at least half time

Student ID is required when hiring a student.  ALWAYS VERIFY THAT YOU ARE HIRING THE CORRECT STUDENT.






All Student Assistants require a completed timesheet, with supervisor signature for the hours worked during the pay period.  The on-line hire must be executed with all requested information by the deadline below to receive timely payment. 

If a hire is late, the student payment will be late even if a timesheet is submitted on-time.

Student Hiring Deadlines:

Work Dates    Hire by (COB)  Check Date

11/02-11/15      11/12/17         12/07/17

11/16-11/29      11/26/17       12/21/17

11/30-12/13      12/10/17       01/04/18

12/14-12/27      12/24/17         01/18/18

12/28-01/10      01/07/18       02/01/18

01/11-01/24      01/21/18         02/15/18

01/25-02/07      02/04/18       03/01/18

02/08-02/21      02/18/18       03/15/18

02/22-03/07      03/04/18       03/29/18

03/08-03/21       03/18/18      04/12/18

03/22-04/04       04/01/18      04/26/18

04/05-04/18       04/15/18      05/10/18

04/19-05/02       04/29/18      05/24/18

05/03-05/16       05/13/18      06/07/18


Effective 1/28/16 the max SA rate is $19.39

Student paychecks/stubs must be picked up in UAB 300.

Use CONTACT US on the Student Assistant portal to change students employment information (pay rate, end date of employment, supervisor, or charge account).


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    For EMPLOYERS only. If you are registered but need to set or re-set your password, use links provided at botton of log-in page. STUDENTS login through MyUAlbany under Student Assistant Jobs.
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Download the Web site User's Guide in DOC or PDF format.



SUMMER Only Hire Dates

05/21/17 - 08/27/17 cob



08/28/17 - 05/20/18 cob


FALL Only Hire Dates

8/28/17 - 12/19/17cob


SPRING Only Hire Dates

1/23/18 - 5/20/18cob