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University at Albany, State University of New York

The Office of Human Resources is now open to the public. Until further notice, checks and direct deposit stubs for all Student employees are being mailed by the NYS Comptroller’s Office to your legal/permanent address we have on file, unless you have updated your payroll address with a temporary address. View and update your addresses at  SUNY HR Self-Service  or view your paycheck and the address it is being mailed to at New York State Payroll Online (NYSPO)



On-Campus Student Assistant Employer Home Page

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    Welcome to the Student Assistant Employment website!

EFFECTIVE 12/22/22 new minimum Hourly rate is $14.20/hr. Maximum hourly rate is $25.87/hr for student assistants.

To hire students please use the timeframes and dates below. It is important that you hire students within these time frames and make sure the dates are accurate before submitting your hire request.

To hire students for summer use these dates:


To hire students for fall only use these dates:


To hire students for spring only use these dates:


To hire students for the academic year use these dates:


You may use an end date that is earlier than the outlined dates above, but you cannot use an end date that is after the close of business dates listed above. In certain circumstances, depending on the type of hire, it is acceptable to hire a student before the fall or spring semester begins, usually by no more than a week early. 


Student Assistant Employment Policy 


20 hours max during the academic year, 25 if in good academic standing and with advisor approval.

* International students must not surpass 20hrs max during the academic year.

* Exceptions: Winter and Summer breaks allow for 25hrs max. 


Student ID is required when hiring a student.  ALWAYS VERIFY THAT YOU ARE HIRING THE CORRECT STUDENT.

 Paper timesheets have been replaced with the SUNY HR Time and Attendance (TAS) electronic time reporting system. Beginning 8/22/2019, students with fall appointments will use SUNY HR Time and Attendance System (TAS) to record your time in at shift start and out at shift end. 

Review the Student Employee Training Guide for details on how your electronic timesheet will be processed and instructions for navigating TAS.

Know the date you must submit your online timesheet to your supervisor.  This may vary by department and if your timesheet is not submitted on time you may not be paid for time worked until the following payday. 



Click here for the 2022-2023 Student payroll schedule 



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