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University at Albany, State University of New York

On-Campus Student Assistant Employer Home Page

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*New Student Assistant Employment Policy highlights:

  • max 25 hrs/wk during semester and summer breaks
  • student must be enrolled for at least 6 credits

Student ID is required when hiring a student.  ALWAYS VERIFY THAT YOU ARE HIRING THE CORRECT STUDENT.

Student paychecks/stubs must be picked up in UAB 300.

*** New *** Paper timesheets have been replaced with the SUNY HR Time and Attendance (TAS) electronic time reporting system. Beginning 8/22/2019, students with fall appointments will use SUNY HR Time and Attendance System (TAS) to record your time in at shift start and out at shift end. 

Review the Student Employee Training Guide for details on how your electronic timesheet will be processed and instructions for navigating TAS.

Know the date you must submit your online timesheet to your supervisor.  This may vary by department and if your timesheet is not submitted on time you may not be paid for time worked until the following payday. 


2019-2020 Student Pay Schedule



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Policies and Procedures for Employers